Jan Dismas Zelenka,  baroque composer:
born Lounovice 1679, died Dresden 1745.




Proceedings of Zelenka Conference 2015 (published late 2016)

This issue is a milestone in Zelenka research, as it contains a seminal article by Janice Stockigt and Johannes Agustsson on what has been learned about Zelenka's life and character in the time since Janice Stockigt's book was published some 15 years ago.

The issue can be downloaded free of charge here:


New CD Issues (2016 and early 2017)

Dixit Dominus (ZWV 68)

Beatus vir (ZWV 76)

Laetatus sum* (ZWV 88)

Nisi Dominus* (ZWV 92)

Lauda Jerusalem* (ZWV 104)

Magnificat (ZWV 107)

Credidi* (ZWV 85)

De profundis* (ZWV 96)

*World premiere recordings (commercial).

Gabriela Eibenova (S),
Lenka Cafourkova (S),
Filippo Mineccia (A),
Tobias Hunger (T),
Marian Krejcik (B),
Jiri Miroslav Prochazka (B)

Prague Baroque Soloists
Ensemble Inegal
dir. Adam Viktora.

Nibiru 01632231.

Six Sonatas (ZWV 181) (double CD reissue)

Ensemble "Zefiro"


Missa Divi Xaverii (ZWV 12) (world premiere recording)

Litaniae de Sancto Xaverio (ZWV 156) (first commercial recording)

Hana Blazikova (S),
Lucile Richardot (A),
Kamila Mazalova (A),
Vaclav Cizek (T),
Stephan MacLeod (B)

Collegium Vocale 1704 & Collegium 1704
dir. Vaclav Luks.

Accent ACC 24301.


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282-page "Timeline"

by David Nelson

This feature puts Zelenka's life and music into historical context.

You can download the very latest PDF document here.

Note that this PDF file may take some time to download. Save it carefully so that you can refer to it regularly!

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69-page Survey of Zelenka's Music on CD

by David Nelson

Regularly updated!

With few (if any) exceptions, it covers all of the Zelenka recordings currently available on CD. The works are listed in a well-defined order (with ZWV numbers) so that they are easy to find, starting with the Masses and ending with the orchestral music.

You can download the very latest PDF document here.

You may not agree with all of David's preferences, but everyone who is interested in Zelenka's music will find this compelling reading.

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